WriterCon Cruise



May 23rd – May 30th, 2025

Embark on a Journey of Discovery aboard the last true ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2.

Set sail with us from May 23rd – May 30th, 2025 for a transatlantic voyage leaving New York and arriving in Southhampton, England. From there you can choose to fly back home or perhaps explore the writing homes of Jane Austen or Lord Byron. Some of those attending plan to take a ferry to Normandy and explore parts of France. If you are writing something historically set in Europe – or perhaps you want to – this is the writing experience for you!

Life on board a Cunard Transatlantic Crossing is all about freedom. Every day presents myriad choices but how much, or how little, you do is entirely up to you. Visit Queen Mary 2’s planetarium, join a yoga class, dance the night away, or bury yourself in a good book – the largest library at sea with over 10,000 books. Take a look below at some of what the Queen Mary 2 has to offer.

We’ll begin taking reservations for this cruise on July 22nd! So check back for all the details. 

Exclusive Writing Mastery Program 

Dive into a comprehensive program offering over 20 hours of specialized writing instruction tailored to your unique aspirations. Our curated workshops, led by industry luminaries, cover a wide array of topics from the art of character development to the nuances of publishing. Whether you’re seeking to refine your craft in small-group settings or desiring personalized mentorship, our program is designed to address the specific needs of each participant.

Networking Opportunities 

Imagine discussing your latest project with a seasoned publisher as the sunset paints the sky, or receiving pivotal career advice from a leading literary agent over dinner. The WriterCon Cruise offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with an exclusive community of writers, agents, and publishers in a setting that encourages meaningful conversations and lasting connections.

Why Join Us?
  • Personalized Learning: Engage in workshops and one-on-one sessions that cater specifically to your writing goals.
  • Networking: Connect with peers and industry professionals in an intimate setting, fostering relationships that extend beyond the cruise.
  • Inspiration: Let the white-glove service of this epic cruise ignite your creativity and passion for writing.

Seize this unique opportunity to combine the luxury of this cruise with a transformative professional development experience. Elevate your writing, expand your network, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.


Seas the Day: Unleash Your Creative Potential with the WriterCon Cruise


“I’m the writer I am today thanks to WriterCon. I started attending in 2016 and because of WriterCon and the Cruise, I am now a best-selling, award-winning author with six published books and more on the horizon. WriterCon is my one “must-attend” conference and has a standing place on my calendar each year.”
Betsey Kulakowski
Author of the Best-selling Veritas Codex Series

“Participating in the 2023 cruise and Summer retreat are some of the best things I have ever done for my writing. The practical, action-oriented sessions helped me boost my page production and editing, too. I’ve attended many conferences over the years, and was surprised that I learned so much. Everyone was super-helpful, and interested only in helping all writers do their best work.”


Linda Basinger

“The WriterCon cruise had the most useful content of all the conferences I’ve ever attended.”


Robert Hankes, 2024 Cruise


William & Lara will be your hosts in 2025 and the additional instructors will be posted here as they are confirmed.

Fiction | Non-Fiction | Poetry

Fiction | Publisher

Scroll through the photos below to see photos from previous cruises – this is an event you don’t want to miss! 

“I’ve been on the WriterCon cruise twice now and it’s been a blast.  Great sessions with experts in publishing, editing, and writing, and fellow writers who share what they know, too.  All on the sunny Caribbean.”
Cary Herwig
Author of the Ghost’s Daughter YA Series

The WriterCon


Stay tuned for details all of the details about our transatlantic crossing!