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Writers Conference

Sole Stories: Walking in the World of Words


August 30th – September 2nd, 2024

From Aug 30th – Sept 2nd, WriterCon will provide education and opportunities for writers and aspiring writers. 

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sole stories: Walking in the world of words

Come on the journey of delving deep into the lives and experiences of characters, just as one would walk in their shoes. We encourage you to explore the narratives and paths that characters tread, emphasizing empathy and understanding diverse perspectives. 

Throughout the conference you will have the opportunity to learn from writers from all walks of life. You’ll gain a greater understanding for how you present characters in your writing, both fiction and nonfiction alike. This weekend will help you along on the journey you take while crafting engaging and authentic stories. 


At WriterCon each year the schedule is built around one central question: How can we help writers most? We provide knowledge and opportunities designed to push you forward along your writer’s journey. We have three days of breakout sessions, some for newbies, some tailored for multiple-book authors, and most falling in between—meaning they’re useful for everyone. Our breakout sessions cover every aspect of writing, marketing, and publishing. We also provide pitch sessions for those looking for agents or publishers. We have evening roundtable discussions, where you can meet with experts in a less formal setting and get your questions answered. We have longer “MasterClasses,” a first-page panel, private consultations (with anyone there), manuscript reviews (by published authors), Open Mic Night, karaoke, small group meals with speakers, and much more. Join us! Achieve your writing dreams!



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Held on the Monday following the conference, these 3-hour Masterclasses can be added on to your registration for $99 each. 

Don't Mistake Plot for "Stuff Happens"

with Aprilynne Pike

Especially geared toward commercial fiction, this workshop will dig into what makes a book feel fast-paced and why it’s only tenuously connected to the actual action in the scene. Find out why starting your book off with an explosion is often a mistake, how kicking the cat is as effective as saving the cat, and how you can plot out your book without losing the fun of exploration. We’ll be analyzing some text in this class, but we’ll mostly be discussing full story lines, and pre-writing. This is the story preparation you need to feel confident you’re on the right track before you dive into the actual world (wilderness!) of words.

Begin with the Beginning: Analyzing the First Pages of the First Three Chapters

with Aprilynne Pike

An agent or editor will give you three pages. But a reader will give you three chapters … IF they’re good chapters, and if they give the reader a promise to grasp onto. Writers sometimes get tunnel-vision on those first three pages, and sometimes those first three sentences, so in this workshop we’ll zoom out and analyze the first pages of the first three chapters and look at how some of today’s best storytellers build the foundations of their stories. Be prepared to read and workshop and please bring your opinions!

Crafting Your Author Brand: A Story Beyond Books

with Zealot Branding

Join the team from Zealot Branding and you will learn the importance of a compelling author brand and how it can significantly impact your career. This class will guide authors through the process of identifying their unique brand elements, themes, and values, and teach them how to communicate these effectively to their audience. Through an interactive workshop and real-world examples, participants will develop a personalized branding strategy that resonates with their target readers and sets them apart in the literary world.

Stepping into the Spotlight: Public Speaking for Writers

with Betsey Kulakowski & JB Caine

The very title of this session might fill you with an abject, mind-numbing fear. After all, public speaking is the #1 fear of American adults, even more frightening than death! But if you want to make a name for yourself and get your books into the hands of readers, the ability to speak in a variety of contexts is a MUST. Whether it’s working a booth at a book fair or speaking to 1000 people at a writing conference, with more than 50 years of combined public speaking experience, Betsey and JB will give you all the need-to-know to deal with everything from research to stagefright. You may not love public speaking (though they do!), but you’ll be able to do it effectively using these strategies.

Breaking Into the Inspirational Market

with Lynette Eason

The masterclass will cover how to break into the inspirational market and write for it. It will cover the basics of the market, the different types of content that editors are looking for, and the boundaries when writing for this market. We will also delve into some craft topics that will help you enrich your writing.

Starting From Scratch: Building Your Author Podcast From the Ground Up

with Emily Brooks and Jon Meyers of Write Better Together

This three-hour interactive workshop will talk you through the considerations and concerns you’ll need to address from developing your initial idea to getting your first episode on the air. We will use our real-life experiences to teach you some practical applications and strategies on the best way to communicate YOUR message. We will cater this session in real time to cover the specific concerns of the attendees in the room. Bring your questions. We will help you focus on finding your niche. There are several hundred writing and author podcasts, but there is only ONE that YOU can do.

You will leave our session with:

  • An ideal premise for a podcast that only YOU can host
  • A detailed plan covering the decisions you will have to make, including but not limited to: hosting option, platform listings, equipment to fit your budget, structuring your episodes advice on attracting guests, and why you want them, a strategy on attracting the audience you want, the pros/cons of consider a narrative fiction podcast as a companion to your author podcast

Emily Brooks and Jon Meyers have spent the last eight months building their Write Better Together podcast from the same starting point where you are at today. They will teach you the secrets they’ve discovered on their way to get to where they are now, hosting a podcast attracting listeners and guests from all over the globe


with Bob Saenz

Writing for the screen is unlike any other writing discipline. It’s active, not passive writing. It’s happening as the reader reads it. You can’t show thoughts or intentions, only what the audience can see and hear. You have a prescribed maximum page count. An industry standard prescribed format that can’t be deviated from. Dialogue that must be realistic, using subtext. There is no blatant exposition in screenwriting. It’s so unlike narrative writing that it requires a change in thought process to do it correctly. Unlike novels where detail can be king, screenwriting is about telling your story in the most economical way you can.  Thought needs to taken about the budget of the film you’re trying to tell, depending on who you see producing it and where you intend it to show. All these things add up to new form of writing to most of you. a writing discipline that is difficult to master. But it can be done.  Basic format and rules, treatments, outlines, story concepts, screenplay story structure, set ups and pay offs, realistic dialogue, subtext, settings, cinematic transitions…. All these things and more will be covered when we talk about screenwriting.


Basic – $399

  • Admission to all sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Pitching and consultations to authors, agents, editors, and publishers
  • Registration Gift Package
  • Author Photo by Professional Photographer

Premium – $499

  • Admission to all sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Pitching and consultations to authors, agents, editors, and publishers.
  • Registration Gift Package
  • Author Photo by Professional Photographer
  • Unlimited Contest Entries
  • Private Consultation with Author of Your Choice

Superstar – $599

  • Admission to all sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Pitching and consultations to authors, agents, editors, and publishers.
  • Registration Gift Package
  • Author Photo by Professional Photographer
  • Unlimited Contest Entries
  • Private Consultation with Author of Your Choice
  • Manuscript Review by Author of Your Choice
  • A one-year subscription to WriterCon Magazine


Thanks to our generous sponsors, lunch will be provided Friday and Saturday. Sunday lunch will be on our own, however, we will have a couple of food trucks onsite to order from in addition to the on-site restaurant. All other meals are on your own – so make some new friends and dine together!

No, it is not. You will need to make reservations on your own. Call the Renaissance Waterford directly and give them the code BWE to get your discount or BOOK ONLINE HERE.


Renaissance Waterford Hotel
6300 Waterford Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 848-4782

Scholarships Available


The Bernhardt Center for Arts & Literature is offering a full Superstar package registration to an aspiring writer age 21 or younger. To apply, send a one-page (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, one-inch margins on all sides) essay explaining why you want the scholarship to: william@writercon.com. Make the Subject line: Bernhardt Scholarship.

Deadline is July 31, 2024


Mary Coley is offering a full Superstar package registration to an aspiring writer age 50 or older. To apply, send a one-page (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, one-inch margins on all sides) essay explaining why you want the scholarship to: william@writercon.com. Make the Subject line: Coley Scholarship.

Deadline is July 31, 2024

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