Author | Voice Actor

Sierra Prasada

Sierra Prasada is an author, voice actor, and audiobook producer. Trained as a journalist at Stanford and Northwestern universities, she reported for radio and print in Beirut, Lebanon, where she wrote her first book Creative Lives: Portraits of Lebanese Artists. Since returning to the U.S., she has co-authored (with Dan Millman) The Creative Compass: Writing Your Way from Inspiration to Publication and taught writing workshops and courses at the Gaithersburg Book Festival and the Writer’s Center in Maryland; and the Graduate School USA in Washington, DC; Omega in New York; Kripalu in Massachusetts; and Mount Madonna Center in California. With her husband, Serafim Smigelskiy, she founded HiSierrafim Audio to produce high-quality audiobooks that move and delight the 21st-century listener. They live in Brooklyn. Find Sierra on the web at https://www.sierraprasada.com and https://www.hisierrafim.com.