Scott Ryan


Scott Ryan

Scott Ryan, a multifaceted author, publisher, and television historian, is a pop culture and entertainment industry expert. With a portfolio that spans oral histories, behind-the-scenes stories and critical exploration of film and television, his latest book, “The Last Decade of Cinema”, explores movies from the nineties, offering an analysis of their impact on pop culture both at the time of their release and their lasting significance today.

Ryan’s previous works include “Moonlighting: An Oral History”, where he unveils the untold story behind the groundbreaking TV series, and “thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history”, alongside “The Last Days of Letterman,” which chronicles the end of an era in late-night television. In “Scott Luck Stories”, he ventures into the realm of comic short stories, showcasing his unique blend of wry humor and journalistic acumen. As the managing editor of “The Blue Rose Magazine” and co-founder of Fayetteville Mafia Press, Ryan has solidified his position as a raw and honest pop culture storyteller. He is the co-host of “Tiger Talk” on YouTube which follows the Massillon Tigers high school football team.

He also co-wrote a book about the Tigers’ state championship win in 2023 called “Massillon Against the World.” With all this, it still burns him that he never won Employee of the Month at Video Time where
he learned to love film by stealing VHS tapes and movie posters. Discover more about Scott Ryan’s books and his perspective on storytelling and pop culture here.