ReaderCon Getaway

February 2025

A getaway for book lovers, readers, and writers. Take a break from it all and spend the weekend with other book lovers reading, relaxing, and connecting!



Imagine a weekend away from it all, where your only objective was to read! Now – picture that in a place with cozy chairs, fireplaces, hot beverages (spiked if you prefer), and no pressure to attend anything. 


With that picture in mind – add in great food, other book lovers, fun activity options, and some authors to gab with. That’s the getaway we here at Writercon are crafting for you. 


For this first getaway we are looking to stay in the Oklahoma or Northwest Arkansas area and are currently reviewing venues and once we have that locked in, you’ll be the first to know! We’ll have an introductory, early-bird rate to secure your spot and we’ll give our loyal WriterCon group first dibs since space will be limited. 


In a world full of busyness and a constant bombardment of marketing, news, and content, a weekend fully of none of that sounds perfect to us, and we hope it does to you too!


Event Schedule

Activities & Schedule


Event details and schedule will be updated as elements are confirmed! 




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