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John Wooley

John Wooley is in his sixth decade as a professional writer, having written three horror novels with co-author Ron Wolfe, including Death’s Door, which was one of the first books released under Dell’s Abyss imprint and was also nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. His solo horror and fantasy novels include Awash in the BloodGhost Band, and Dark Within, the latter a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award. Wooley is also the author of the critically acclaimed biographies Wes Craven: A Man and His Nightmares and Right Down the Middle: The Ralph Terry Story. He has co-written or contributed to several volumes of Michael H. Price’s Forgotten Horrors series of movie books and co-hosts the podcast of the same name. His other writing credits include the 1990 TV film Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective and several documentaries, notably the Learning Channel’s Hauntings Across America. Among the comics and graphic novels he’s scripted are Plan Nine from Outer Space, the authorized version of the alternative-movie classic, as well as the recent collections The Twilight Avenger and The Miracle Squad.