Dave Duffy

Dave Duffy serves as the Head of The BookFest®, a biannual, always free-to-attend online literary event that captivates readers and writers alike. The BookFest is part of the Black Château Enterprises family of brands, where Duffy also heads operations for Black Château, a marketing and public relations firm specializing in authors and personality brands, and Books That Make You, the Webby Award-winning brand that connects with book lovers through multiple media platforms.

Duffy orchestrates The BookFest Awards and produces the Salute to the BookFest Award Winners video presentations, which air each season on the Nasdaq Board in Times Square, New York.

A versatile visionary, Duffy spearheads cross-functional literary experiences and event productions. A data expert at heart, he leverages quantitative analysis to inform strategy and promotional campaigns. His unique skill set situates him at the intersection of technology and operations, enabling him to deliver unforgettable experiences for readers and writers.

In addition to managing advertising, social media, and self-publishing initiatives, Duffy brings a
wealth of experience from the entertainment and digital cinema industries, including roles at
companies like Cinedigm and GameRush. As a skilled website designer and developer, he’s proficient in audio and video production, photography, editing, graphic art, artificial intelligence, and emerging digital media developments, all of which complement his multifaceted role with the Black Château Enterprises family of brands.

You can connect with Dave Duffy on LinkedIn and join his professional network.

For more information about Dave Duffy and his work The BookFest, Black Château Enterprises and Books That Make You, please visit their websites.