Audiobook Narrator | Voice Actor

Connor Quinn

Prepare for a tale straight out of Tinseltown. This story begins with a young boy from New Mexico who made his way to the bustling city of Los Angeles. There, he appeared on television as a child actor in iconic shows such as “Little House on the Prairie”, “Disney’s the Gummi Bears”, and “Sesame Street”. He was also featured in hundreds of commercials for Pepsi, McDonald’s as well as Kenner for Star Wars.

Eventually, he transitioned from on-screen stardom to a career behind the microphone. Over the past 36 years, his voice has been featured in thousands of commercials, trailers, cartoons, and video games. He has become known for his versatility in voice-overs. He can be heard every day on The Howard Stern Show. His voice is utilized by some of the world’s most renowned brands, including Crayola, Mercedes-Benz, Sesame Street, Dollywood, Sandals Resorts, Visa and right here in Oklahoma, his voice might be familiar, his voice has been used over the last 20 years for Braum’s.

What distinguishes him is his unique journey from child actor to voice-over professional, a Hollywood story filled with nostalgia and behind-the-scenes insights from a bygone era.

Additionally, he possesses a vast repertoire of character voices and stories that would make even the most dedicated Hollywood enthusiast envious. He also has connections to legendary figures like Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles, adding an extra layer of intrigue to his story.

Furthermore, he dabbles in the art of mentalism. As a part-time mentalist, he performs mind-bending tricks during his speaking engagements, offering a distinctive experience for his audience.

This is a Hollywood journey as dynamic and colorful as they come. Maybe one day, Braum’s will name an ice cream flavor after him. One can dream.