Becca Fox

Becca Fox is an awkward introvert who loves to read and write, watch anime, and play videogames next to her gamer husband. Her idea of a good time is hunting for the next great rom-com and planning trips to the exotic places where these stories take place. She has three kids under the age of five so no, she doesn’t get any sleep and yes, she’s in desperate need of a housekeeper. 


Becca has published 11 books to date, all in various sub-genres of fiction. Every book has a romance arc, a dash of mystery, a healthy dosage of adventure, and at least one plot twist you may or may not see coming. She is passionate about creating realistic couples who struggle and argue, but in the end choose to love each other despite their baggage and flaws. Creating characters that the reader can identify with and champion are very important to her, as well as describing scenery in random–and sometimes annoying–detail.