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Literary Fiction | Nonfiction

Barry Friedman

Friedman’s first book, ROAD COMIC is an autobiographical look at his life on the comedy circuit, a funny, pathetic, relentless account of comedy, comedians, sex, passion, suicidal Germans, pierced cocktail waitresses, disappointment, and receding hairlines. His second book, FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION IT, was a collection of essays exploring the cultural zeitgeist of life, love, and humor. A comedian, he has been a regular at clubs in Las Vegas, Reno, NYC, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Houston, San Antonio, on cruise ships, and the Bahamas.  Further, Barry has appeared in national commercials, like the one for Mazzio’s where he is lying upside down, barking at a pizza, and he’s been in movies, like UHF with “Weird Al” Yankovic, which still provides him with $3.76 residual checks every time it plays at some Lithuanian drive-in. In 2019, his memoir, Four Days and a Year, will be published.